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Image by Luke Michael

Shumiao Qiu

Head of Matrimonial & Corporate Affairs Department

Practice Areas

Commercial Dispute Resolution, Corporation and Equity, Family and Wealth

Brief Introduction

Lawyer Qiu is an experienced and skilled lawyer who specializes in the area of civil and commercial dispute resolution, corporate legal counsel, labor compliance, business compliance, corporate governance and other types of litigation and non-litigation legal services. She has provided legal counseling and corporate compliance services to numbers of foreign-funded and listed companies in various industries and has also handled business disputes involving shareholders and executives of listed companies. Lawyer Qiu also provides various types of matrimonial and family litigation and non-litigation legal services, such as mediation, marital property disputes, custody disputes, inheritance, and family wealth disputes. Lawyer Qiu has been awarded the title of Outstanding Author of 2022 by the Wu Song Institute for her legal practice experience in handling cases.

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